Ceiling Disinfection Air Conditioner
Ceiling mounted 360° even air supply

Fully enclosed UV photocatalyst

Can exist with human, no UV leakage. Killing rate of H1N1 is 99.76%, bacteria removal rate is 99.05%, avoid the spread of respiratory infectious diseases.

H13 HEPA filter Negative ion purification

Filter level up to PM0.3, can effectively remove fine particulate pollutants in the air, purification rate is up to 99.9%; cooperating with negative ion, effectively eliminating indoor odors and purify the air.
Ceiling mounted  360°supply air evenly
Adopt a displacement ceiling fan to evenly supply air in all directions innovatively to avoid uneven heating and cooling, and you can breathe safe, healthy and comfortable air in every corner.
Ceiling mounted 360° even air supply


Eliminate Odor
Long-acting formaldehyde removal
Air Disinfection
Precision Temperature Control
EBC Multi Phase Control Patent Technology


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Ceiling Disinfection Air Conditioner-HK1500XA11
  • ModelHK1500XA11
  • Frequency Linear Direct Frequency Conversion
  • Power supply380V 3N~ 50Hz
  • Rated cooling capacity10.0[2.5~15.0]kW
  • Rated heating capacity10.0[2.0~15.0]kW
  • Air volume2000m3/h
  • Bacteria removal rate>99%
  • Disinfection methodHigh-frequency resonance plasma
  • Noise level42-52[dB(A)]
  • CompositionCeiling mounted indoor unit, outdoor unit, controller
  • DimensionIndoor unit: 850 x 850 x 450mm; outdoor unit: 980 x 360 x 1250mm