Air Deodorizer
Wall Mounted Plug & Play
High-frequency resonance plasma for disinfection, can exist with human

The self-developed high-frequency resonance plasma technology, the positive and negative ions released under the combined action, quickly kill bacteria and viruses, without secondary pollution.

Positive and negative ions
The positive and negative ions in the plasma can effectively degrade the volatiles of organic molecules such as TVOC, eliminate odors, and freshen the air.
Technological innovation, strong & durable
Full sheet metal shell, anti-corrosion, suitable for various harsh environments. 0 consumables.
Wall Mounted Plug & Play


Decompose Odor
Strong Disinfection
High-frequency Resonance Plasma Technology
No consumables


/ 12
Air Deodorizer-HK150/HK150N
  • Model nameHK150/HK150N
  • Power supply220V 50Hz
  • Power consumption35W
  • Max. air volume150m3/h
  • Noise level<40dB
  • Recommended area≤10m2
  • Working environment-20°C-+60°C
  • Service life2000h
  • Installation methodWall mounted
  • IoT functionNo/Yes
  • Dimension350(W) x 240(H) x 85(D)mm
  • Weight4kg