Wall Mounted Fresh Air Disinfection Unit
Fresh oxygen all over every corner
High-frequency resonance plasma technology
Using self-developed high-frequency resonance plasma technology, the released positive and negative ions can quickly kill bacteria and viruses, can exist with human
E-HEPA disinfection and purification composite filter technology
Quickly disinfect and purify the fine particulate pollutants in the fresh air and indoor air. The PM2.5 purification rate is 99%, and the sterilization rate is 99%, which effectively reduces the virus transmission medium in the air.
Two way air supply, comfortable all the time
The two-way air outlet design can not only ensure the air supply and oxygen increase from the fresh air, but also ensure the gentle air outlet from the front.
Fresh oxygen all over every corner


Purification Rate of PM2.5: 99%
Sterilization Rate: 99%
Remove aldehydes and add oxygen
Purification Rate of PM0.3: 99%
Fresh Air Volume: 300m3/h


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Wall Mounted Fresh Air Disinfection Unit
  • Moodel nameHF300B
  • Rated power supply220V 50Hz
  • Rated power consumption48W
  • Fresh air volume300m3/h
  • Heating capacity200Wx2
  • Sterilization rate≥99%
  • Disinfection methodHigh-frequency resonance plasma + H13 HEPA filter
  • Air inspectionPM2.5
  • Air supply2-way supply
  • Noise level26~48dB
  • Dimension380(W) x 237(D) x 980(H)mm
  • Hole connection sizeφ110mm
  • Hole opening sizeφ130mm
  • Weight23.8kg