Ceiling Mounted Disinfection Purifier
Disinfection always online
Double disinfection
EBC disinfection filter+UV photocatalyst

EBC disinfection filter can kill the virus and bacteria quickly and stably in long time, killing rate is more than 99%; UV photocatalyst fully enclosed design, can exist with human and kill the virus and bacteria in high efficient way, meanwhile photocatalyst decomposes pollutants such as formaldehyde into CO2 and H2O under the catalysis of ultraviolet lamps.

Double Purification

H13 HEPA filter + Negative ion purification
H13 HEPA Filter level up to PM0.3, can effectively remove fine particulate pollutants in the air, purification rate is up to 99.9%; Negative ion purification can effectively eliminate indoor odors and purify the air.

Multiple Control

Local control + remote cloud control

Real-time detection and control of equipment, remote control and maintenance reminders.
Disinfection always online


Double Disinfection
EBC disinfection filter+UV photocatalyst
Double Purification
H13 HEPA filter + Negative ion purification
Purification rate of PM2.5/PM0.3: 99.9%
CADR Value: 1000㎥/h
Removal Rate of H1N1: 99.76%
Sterilization Rate: 99%


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Ceiling Disinfection Purifier
  • Model nameHK1500XE11
  • Power supply220V 50Hz
  • Rate power consumption220W
  • Circulating air volume1100m3/h
  • Virus killing rate>99.7%(H1N1)
  • Sterilization rate>99.9%
  • Disinfection methodFulled closed UV photocatalyst + EBC disinfection filter
  • CADR value1000m3/h
  • Purification ratePM0.3/PM2.5: 99.9%
  • Purification methodH13 HEPA filter + negetive ion
  • Indoor noise level<50dB
  • Control modeLocal line control/remote cloud control
  • Dimension850(L) x 850(W) x 450(H)mm