Mini Mobile Disinfection Purifier
Double disinfection and purification

E-HEPA Filter

Level up to PM0.3, purification rate is up to 99%, quickly disinfect and purify the fine particulate pollutants in the indoor air, effectively reducing the virus transmission vector in the air.

Fully enclosed UV photocatalyst
Can exist with human and kill the virus and bacteria in high efficient way, meanwhile photocatalyst decomposes pollutants such as formaldehyde into CO2 and H2O under the catalysis of ultraviolet lamps.
Active carbon filter
Can effectively adsorb harmful gas pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, peculiar smell, etc. in the air.
Double disinfection and purification


Strong Disinfection
EBC disinfection filter+UV photocatalyst
Efficient Purification
Primary filter + activated carbon filter + HEPA filter
CADR Value: 330㎥/h
Bacteria Removal Rate: 99.9%
Formaldehyde CCM: F4
Particulates Matter CCM: P4


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Mini Mobile Disinfection Purifier