6-20kW Room Cooling
CyberMate DX Cooling

Air cooled fixed-speed products with cooling capacity range 6-20kW.
Standard configuration: fixed-speed compressor & indoor fan.

Low cost solution for small IT server room.

CyberMate DX Cooling


High Energy Efficiency
Large evaporator & high efficient components & variable speed condenser fan
Smart Control
Teamwork control & Multiple T&H and airflow control strategies
Compact Size
Minimal Size to 600(W) x 555(D) x 1750(H)mm


Small data center
IT server room
Small data center
Constant temperature and humidity manufacturing workshop
/ 12
6-20 kW CyberMate DX
  • Nominal Cooling Capacity(kW)6.6 - 20.0
  • Nominal Air Flow(m3/h)1860 -5500
  • RefrigerantR410A
  • Cooling SystemAir cooled
  • Air DischargeDownflow / Upflow,plenum / Upflow,duct
  • Unit Size(mm)600*555*1750 - 750*755*1950
  • Main options● Phase sequence detection
    ● Dual power supply
    ● SNMP card
    ● Condensation pump
    ● Extended temperature and humidity sensors
    ● Stainless steel drain pan
    ● Low temperature cooling kits
    ● Extension components for long distance applicatio