160W/K Heat Pipe
Fast cooling for fast EV charger

Envicool charging pile cooling products can transfer the heat of the charging module to the environment in time, and at the same time avoid dust, rain and debris in the environment that easily enter the charging module during direct ventilation and cooling, extending the service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Fast cooling for fast EV charger


RS485 interface with MODBUS protocol
Compact design, can be perfectly integrated with the cabinet
Fast cooling under the working conditions of high heat density
IP55 protection level
Energy saving
160W/K Heat Pipe
  • Heat exchange capacity@L70/L50160W/K
  • Power Supply range220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Working temperature range-15ºC ~ 45 ºC
  • IP protection levelIP55
  • Mounting methodSide mounted
  • Internal circulation volume800m³/h