XSpace Micro Data Center
XSpace is dual row type micro data center, greatly integrated with cooling, power supply, monitor, lighting, wiring, racks, airflow containment, and other systems. Each system is modular designed, intelligent controlled, independent operated and joint managed.

XSpace usually ultilizes 2 types of row-based cooling system--air cooled XRow-DX and chilled water cooled XRow-CW. With sufficient cooling capacity and close to hot source cooling technology, XSpace could support up to 40 IT racks with 16kW high power density per rack.

Benefit from modular design and large power system capacity, XSpace could ensure rapid deployment and work for core data centers of government, education, public security, finance, telecom operators, etc.


Flexibile & Efficient
Modular design, prefabricated structure
Intelligent positioning, remote management,automatic operation & maintenance
Safe & Reliable
Multiple alarms,full time security monitoring and intelligent asset management
Energy Saving
Integrated with free cooling, closed cold aisle design, intelligent AI control
XSpace Micro Data Center
  • IT Rack Quantity8-40
  • System Storage45-800kVA
  • IT Installation Space42U/47U/52U
  • UPS Capacity(kVA)45-800kVA
  • Protection LevelIP21
  • Rack Size(mm)600/800(W)*1100/1200(D)*2000/2200/2500(H)
  • Main Options● Fire detector
    ● UPS
    ● Battery
    ● Monitor
    ● PDU
    ● Rack-mounted switchboard
    ● Anti-fog glass front door
    ● Emergency ventilation