XRack S Single Server Rack System
XRack S is single rack type micro data center with internal cold/hot aisles. As shown in the picture, it could integrate the rack, power supply, monitor, lighting, UPS, battery, cooling and emergency management system into one cabinet. Customer could check the unit working status through the controller display and glass type front door directly. Rack mounted air conditioner Cabicool is installed to provide precise temperature control.

All units inside are pre-installed in factory, which ensures rapid deployment onsite.

Remote operation and maintenance of a single site and centralized monitoring and management of multiple sites can be realized through the monitoring web interface.


Space Saving
Space occupation 0.72 m2, available IT space 27U
Intelligent Management
Integrated with various functions,alarms and protections
Green and Energy Saving
Saving energy by more than 50%, PUE can be lower to 1.25
Rapid Deployment
Pre-installation in factory, only 3 hour to install onsite


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XRack S Single Server Rack System
  • IT Capacity3.5kW - 12kW split type, 2kW/3.5kW integrated type
  • IT Installation Space29U
  • UPS Capacity(kVA)3kVA/6kVA
  • Protection LevelIP21
  • Unit Size(mm)600(W)*1200(D)*2000(H)
  • Main Options● Fire detector
    ● UPS
    ● Battery
    ● Monitor
    ● PDU
    ● Rack-mounted switchboard
    ● Anti-fog glass front door
    ● Emergency ventilation