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CDCC Liquid Cooling Technology Summit: Envicool shares experience of 500 MW project delivery

03-27, 2023

On March 17, Envicool brought Coolinside Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution and related liquid cooling products to the 2023 China Data Center Liquid Cooling Technology Summit, and shared its experience in delivering a total of 500 MW liquid cooling projects at the summit.

The theme of this summit is "Liquid Cooling Acceleration", and the preparation of CECS association engineering standard "Technical Regulations for Data Center Liquid Cooling System" is simultaneously launched. Envicool attends the launching ceremony as the main editorial enterprise.

In 2021, Envicool has achieved batch delivery of 200kW for a single cabinet; in 2022, Envicool six Coolinside Integrated Delivery Solutions for different scenarios have attracted widespread attention; As of March 2023, Envicool has completed the delivery of a total of 500 MW liquid cooling projects.

At the summit forum, Huang Qiang, Product Director of Envicool Liquid Cooling, delivers a speech titled "Manufacturing Liquid Cooling Spikes, Lighting Up the Beacon of Computing Power——Envicool Coolinside Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution 500MW Delivery Experience Revealing" to the participating experts, sharing the key technology and application experience of Envicool Coolinside Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution.

Envicool Coolinside Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution is based on a mature R&D system and sufficient resource guarantee to achieve independent R&D, production, delivery and service, and provide customers with peace of mind by providing high-quality services covering the entire life cycle.

The solution includes Cold Plate, Quick Disconnect Couplings, Secondary Loop, CDU, Liquid Cooling Module, Cold Source, Working Medium and Intelligent Monitoring Platform.

In response to the needs of customers in the testing process, Envicool develops the Coolinside five-in-one automatic testing line, which become the world's first server integrated testing equipment. The product performs well in terms of integration, automation and accuracy. And the Intelligent Monitoring Platform in the solution can carry out equipment linkage control, and keep the system PUE in the best state at all times according to the actual situation.

At the CDCC Liquid Cooling Technology Summit, Envicool also shares its thinking on Liquid Cooling Working Medium.

Envicool long-term test data shows that the traditional working medium is weakly acidic after long-term operation, while the SoluKing Liquid CooIing Working Medium specially developed by Envicool can maintain a long-term alkaline environment and effectively reduce metal corrosion. In addition, Envicool has also deeply studied the scaling process of the working medium and the pipe wall, and has found a source of scale inhibition method, which effectively enhances the stability of the product.

Envicool has accumulated experience from the practice of 500 MW projects, and has continuously upgraded Coolinside Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution. After years of technology accumulation and cutting-edge innovation, Envicool can provide customers with two solutions: Cold Plate Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution and Immersion Full Chain liquid Cooling Solution.

In the future, Envicool will continue to accumulate experience and accelerate the application of liquid cooling technology!