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New Year Address

01-06, 2023

Here below is the speech from our president Mr. Qi:

Let's welcome the new year together!

COVID-19 has brought us too much uncertainty this year! After leaving the protection of the greenhouse, people need to rely on their own resistance to fight against viruses in the face of a surging tide of viruses! Such experience makes people fully realize the importance of health and resistance!

Physical fitness is the basis to ensure a healthy life, so is the business development! Enterprises must have strong vitality if they want to effectively respond to emergencies and achieve healthy & sustainable development!

Envicool always insists on evolving in the changing environment and building its own strong vitality. In addition, this is an important reason for the sustainable and healthy development of Envicool.

Keep a positive attitude

The importance of a positive mindset is emphasized firstly in Envicool culture. A positive mindset requires that we can not forget our first thoughts and keep our ambitions high. At the beginning of its establishment, Envicool recognized that environmental temperature control technology will play an increasingly important role in the development of human society and technology. We can only go further if we take professional efforts to help social technology progress as our goal!

Hope for the best, do your best, and plan for the worst. This is a positive attitude to life and a positive way of working.

With a positive mindset, you can quickly find the right way to practice new skills in the face of difficulties.

Improve capability continuously

Whenever possible, Envicool insists on taking the development trend of social demand and technology evolution route as the guideline for enterprise development! Since its establishment in 2005, Envicool has maintained its own development direction and rhythm, demonstrating the characteristics and ability to withstand risks through the cycle.

In the face of uncertainty, people need a sense of security particularly. Only by continually improving our capabilities can we create the most fundamental sense of security.

Over the past year, the world has been shrouded in cold economic winters, while Envicool has insisted on deep farming and constantly launched new technologies and applications. Breakthroughs have been made in many businesses, and the ability to "grow against the clock" is increasing.

Create value constantly

Creating value is fundamental to maintain vitality. After a year of hard work, Envicool has gained wide acceptance in many areas.

In the field of energy storage thermal management, as soon as Envicool BattCool Energy Storage Full Chain Liquid Cooling Solution 2.0 was launched, it attracted great attention from customers and related concepts also led the development direction of the industry. In the field of data center liquid cooling, Envicool and xFusion jointly built xLAB liquid cooling clusters and jointly issued liquid cooling white paper with Intel. Envicool concept of "full chain liquid cooling" is becoming the consensus in the industry.

What's more, Envicool Cold Chain helps China transporting the vaccine to assist Myanmar. Envicool products ensure efficient operation of the Winter Olympics infrastructure; Envicool is cooperating with CGNFL to build data center integration. Cooltek air conditioner is used on Shenzhen Metro Line 14 train. Experience Center of EBC air Environment unit is located in more than 20 cities.

In 2022, Envicool worked with partners to create value for society in an endless stream!

Continue to develop rapidly

Looking forward to 2023, with the activation of the Chinese market and the mutual promotion of internal & external circulation, many fields will usher in opportunities for rapid development. The comprehensive advantages formed by Envicool deep cultivation in professional fields will be fully utilized!

Against this background, Envicool will use continuous innovation to gather forces to realize countertrend growth and move forward steadily in a complex environment. Envicool will adhere to the core values of "professional, value and trust", create value with professionalism, and win trust with value!

The new year is coming! Wish for a prosperous new year! Wish Envicooler a happy family and all the best! Wish Envicool great success! Wish all the friends who concerns about and supports Envicool a peaceful and happy life!

Let's welcome the new year!

31st, December, 2022

Yong Qi