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Envicool EIA series industrial air conditioner has obtained CE and UL certification!

01-04, 2023

Recently, Envicool EIA industrial air conditioners have passed UL certification, becoming one of the few products in the industry that has obtained CE and UL certification for all series.

Envicool products successfully passed all tests, including product temperature/pressure test, dielectric withstand voltage test, etc. The test results fully reflect the professional requirements of Envicool for product quality.


Multi Field Application

Envicool EIA series industrial air conditioners are mainly used for heat dissipation of industrial equipment control cabinets. They are characterized by complete internal and external isolation, high temperature resistance, dust prevention, oil pollution prevention and moisture prevention. They are one of Envicool main products in the field of industrial temperature control.


Adhering to the highest standards in the industry and insisting on quality control, Envicool has formed a strong influence in the industrial cooling market with its strong technological innovation ability, excellent product quality and good brand effect.


At present, this series of products have been widely used. The products cover communication, transportation, tobacco, food and beverage, environmental protection, medical treatment, numerical control, packaging and other subdivided fields. And the products and programs launched by Envicool are applicable to a variety of scenarios and get the more trust of customers.



In the new globalization situation, safety and reliability are becoming more and more important. After passing UL certification, Envicool Industrial Air Conditioner can simplify the product access process in relevant markets and provide more excellent temperature control products for customers in the global market.


At present, Envicool products have covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and EIA series industrial air conditioners have also been successfully applied in many overseas markets. This UL certification will help Envicool further strengthen its overseas application in the field of industrial temperature control.


In the future, Envicool will continue to expand its product application fields and promote the global development of Made in China.