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Happy International Worker's Day!

04-30, 2024

More Than Cooling! It is not only the mission of Envicoolers, it is also a core requirement of low-carbon goals and the common cause of countless colleagues.

Happy International Worker's Day!

We pay tribute to all workers! Your dedication has built the prosperity and progress of society.

The hands of thermal simulation engineers represent the in-depth research of Envicool R&D team. They have repeatedly simulated and verified, and the forward research and development design has given full consideration to the implementation of the project.

The hands of chemical engineers represent the rigor and seriousness of Envicool R&D team. Their meticulous work has zeroed out the risks of various liquid cooling projects.

Accumulate bit by bit and keep working hard. Workers use continuous innovative labor to explore the starry sea of science and technology.

The hands of machining technicians represent the excellence of Envicool manufacturing team. Seemingly ordinary actions are refined hundreds of times to ensure a zero-defect product.

The intelligent inspection manipulator represents the intelligent manufacturing upgrade of Envicool manufacturing team. Freed from boring work, labor will be more creative.

Quality first, keep improving. Workers, with their continuous hard work, create innovative benchmarks for quality.

The hands of project engineers represent the hard work of Envicool delivery team. Race against time and strive to mobilize all resources just to achieve customer satisfaction.

The hands of the safety trainer represent the safety awareness of Envicool delivery team. Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, safe delivery is the most reliable.

Fast delivery, safe and reliable. Workers use methodical work to achieve the excellent quality of the project.

The hands of the operation and maintenance engineers represent the thoughtfulness and speed of the Envicool service team. Respond to customer needs 24/7 and wholeheartedly provide customers with peace of mind.

The hands of technical support engineers represent the professional value-added of Envicool service team. On call at any time, with immediate service response and more thorough planning, thinking of customers' unexpected needs.

It is obligatory to respond promptly. Workers, with their passionate labor, create unlimited possibilities for the future.

Envicoolers use their daily hard work to hone their expertise in "More Than Cooling". To the workers who are building a beautiful new world, let us pay tribute to the beautiful new life together!