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ESS liquid cooling solution without condensation risk! --- Envicool launches Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier

04-11, 2024

On April 11, Envicool launched new Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier (Cabinet Dehumidification Air Conditioner) at ESIE2024.

The use of liquid cooling systems for energy storage is increasing rapidly, and the risk of condensation in battery compartments must be given due consideration. Traditional dehumidification air conditioners require a lot of space, and semiconductor dehumidification equipment has poor dehumidification effects, making it difficult to completely eliminate the risk of condensation. Envicool new Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier attracted the attention of many customers after its debut at the exhibition.

According to Envicool technical experts, The lower side of the cold plate of the ESS liquid cooling system is in contact with the air, causing condensation to form when the moisture in the air encounters the lower temperature liquid cooling plate. This condensation dripping can damage the device and decrease the insulation performance of cables. This risk cannot be ignored, especially for ESS that require long-term operation.

Envicool Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier intelligently detects air humidity and actively dehumidifies to maintain appropriate humidity in the cabinet, ensuring the service life of various equipment in the ESS. Through structural design innovation, it achieves a smaller size and volume, making it flexible to install in small spaces.

The ESS battery compartment has limited space. Dehumidification air conditioners usually take up a lot of space, while semiconductor refrigerators have limited dehumidification capabilities despite their small size. However, Envicool Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier has a dehumidification capacity up to 10 times that of semiconductor refrigerators, while also being only 7 cm thick, lightweight, and easy to install. When installed to the door, it will not affect the cabinet's appearance. Additionally, maintenance can be performed from the front without the need for disassembly.

It is important to note that Envicool Ultra-thin ESS Dehumidifier can automatically switch between multiple operating modes, resulting in over 50% energy savings compared to other dehumidification products. This feature comprehensively improves the quality and efficiency of ESS.

Additionally, It iis highly versatile and reliable. It supports high altitude applications up to 4500m and can operate in environments ranging from 0-45℃. It is suitable for both AC and DC power and has a wide voltage operating range. Additionally, it uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant and has passed both CE and UL certification, meeting the requirements of various regions around the world.

With 14 years of experience in energy storage temperature control, Envicool has addressed safety concerns and solved issues related to environmental temperature, humidity, and cleanliness using professional solutions and product technologies.

In the future, Envicool will utilise the temperature management advantages and continuous technological innovation to support the safe and efficient development of the energy storage industry.