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CDCC Liquid Cooling Summit: Envicool Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution attracts attention

03-28, 2024

On March 28, the "2024 China Data Center Liquid Cooling Technology Summit" organized by CDCC was held in Beijing. Focusing on "how data centers can achieve reliable application of liquid cooling technology", Huang Qiang, Envicool's liquid cooling product director, gave an in-depth sharing at the meeting based on Envicool 900MW liquid cooling delivery experience.

Large AI models continue to iterate, and the demand for computing power is growing at an accelerating rate. Liquid cooling has become the preferred cooling solution for high heat flux density data centers. However, the lack of actual long-term operating experience has led many to focus on component selection, such as liquid cooling plates, CDU, quick couplings, pipelines, etc., but not enough attention is paid to the matching of the overall system.

Envicool Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution adopts unified interfaces, standards and overall design, making the liquid cooling system highly adaptable, stable and reliable.

Relying on the "four-dimensional integration" capabilities of independent R&D, production, delivery and services, Envicool Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution helps the liquid cooling system achieve "zero risk".

Relying on the advanced R&D technology platform, Envicool Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution starts from the reliability of the long-term operation of the liquid cooling system and realizes liquid cooling through technologies such as long-lasting coolant, flow equalization, leakage prevention and low flow resistance.

In terms of long-lasting coolant, Envicool SoluKing long-lasting coolant for servers takes full account of material compatibility, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling, anti-bacterial and defoaming properties. It is fully compatible with liquid cooling system materials to ensure long-term stability of coolant.

In terms of flow equalization, Envicool uses pipe network flow equalization technology and three-level dynamic flow equalization technology to evenly distribute flow and ensure stability and reliability throughout the entire life cycle of the system. It also adopts factory prefabrication and design modularization to achieve "factory-to-site" fully sealed transportation of pipelines and rapid on-site installation.

In terms of leakage prevention, Envicool quick coupling specially designed for data centers uses a patented design of sealing ring to prevent it from falling off, and it will not fall off when plugged and unplugged under pressure.

Envicool Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution achieves efficient operation and maintenance through full-process AI control and automatic optimization. With reliable product quality, complete service system and four-dimensional integrated one-stop independent capabilities, Envicool provides customers with long-term worry-free operation and maintenance guarantee.

Envicool provides 7x24h, all-round, rapid response and services to customers around the world, and provides customers with remote guidance, such as product fault diagnosis, product use and maintenance operation guidance, as well as online fault handling guidance and emergency solutions.

Relying on the core competitiveness of "deeply understanding customer needs and quickly launching high-quality products",Envicool provides 6 categories of customized services for projects, including R&D technical guidance, production process consultation, delivery site supervision, operation and maintenance monitoring, personnel training and operating instructions, etc.

In the future, Envicool will adhere to the mission of "More Than Cooling", continue to increase the research and expansion of data center liquid cooling technology, contributing to the sustainable development of green data centers.