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5MWh ESS: Envicool BattCool PACK + PCS Liquid Cooling Solution

03-12, 2024

On 11 March, the 14th CIES China International Energy Storage Conference was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Envicool was the first to launch the PACK + PCS liquid cooling unit suitable for 5MWh ESS and C&I ESS in the industry. It made its first public appearance at the exhibition.

Envicool's technical experts stated that for large-capacity energy storage scenarios, we have innovatively adopted the PACK + PCS liquid cooling design. This design integrates the battery PACK and liquid cooling PCS, allowing for natural cooling sources. Additionally, balanced cooling capacity adjustment during the transition season helps to improve the quality and efficiency of ESS.

Envciool has extensive experience in delivering large-capacity energy storage projects. BattCool energy storage solution integrates one-stop liquid cooling, full-process autonomy, and full-cycle services to create an adaptable energy storage environment. This enables a fully adaptable power grid system and service network with global coverage.

Envicool is the first precision temperature control solution and product provider in the industry to deliver 5MWh large-capacity energy storage system projects in batches. And Envicool considers the underlying safety of ESS temperature control, providing temperature control guarantee for many large-scale energy storage projects around the world, relying on the research capabilities in positive energy storage temperature control. Such as Jiamusi 15MW/30MWh Wind Power Distribution and Storage Project, Guizhou 200MW/400MWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project, Ningxia 200MW/400MWh Energy Storage Project, Inner Mongolia 150MW/300MWh Single Largest Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project, etc.

Guizhou 200MW/400MWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project

Ningxia 200MW/400MWh Energy Storage Project

Jiamusi 15MW/30MWh Wind Power Distribution and Storage Project

With the mission of "More Than Cooling", Envicool takes customer value as the starting point for research and development, continuously iterates product technology, develops more efficient, energy-saving, safe and reliable product solutions, and further strengthens in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to jointly promote the rapid development of the new energy revolution!