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Envicool South China Headquarters Base: First batch of products rolling off the line

03-05, 2024

On March 4, the first batch of products produced at Envicool South China Headquarters Base rolled off the production line. Following the successful capping of the first phase of the project on December 30 last year, Envicool South China Headquarters Base's R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been fully upgraded and successfully entered a new stage.

The first phase of Envicool South China Headquarters Base has a total construction area of approximately 110,000 square meters. Since 2023, Envicool Zhongshan Base has been continuously upgraded based on advanced facilities such as 5G+ intelligent digital workshops and liquid cooling experimental test sites. Its products cover a comprehensive supply chain of energy-saving temperature control from heat sources to cold sources, including electronic cooling products, one-stop liquid cooling products for communications, data computing and energy storage systems, container system integration products, transportation air conditioning products, refrigeration units, special purpose compressors and other products. Once completed and put into production, Envicool's ability to meet market demand will be further enhanced.

The factory currently in operation will have an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 units of container system integration products alone. The production line adopts an intelligent manufacturing system to achieve full process quality traceability management to ensure product quality and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

"The comprehensive upgrade of Envicool South China Headquarters Base is of great significance for Envicool to enhance the company's core competitiveness, expand production scale, improve product structure and accelerate digital transformation," said Qi Yong, Chairman of Envicool.

As one of Envicool’s seven major bases, Envicool South China Headquarters Base integrates the industrial chain advantages of Shenzhen Headquarters Base, Beijing R&D Base, Central Plains Headquarters Base, North China Base, East China Base and Shanghai Base to continuously strengthen the one-stop independent capabilities of independent R&D, production, supply and services. It is the high ground that drives Envicool’s development in the next ten years or even longer.

Liu Jun, vice president of Envicool, said: "We will accelerate production construction, continuously optimize production management, improve production efficiency, inject new vitality into the high-quality development of Envicool's product supply chain and accumulate new momentum."

Taking the offline of the first batch of products at the headquarters base in South China as an opportunity, Envicool will continue to rely on its own production capacity advantages and R&D strength to gather the upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains, deepen business communication and cooperation, creating precision temperature control and energy-saving equipment one-stop industrial space!