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Sustainable Development of Data Ceanters : Looking Forward to the Future of Liquid Cooling

12-28, 2023

Last month at the W.Media Awards ceremony in Hong Kong, Envicool was honored to be the witness to the flourishing development of data center technology onsite.


Over the past few decades, energy consumption has been an issue of great concern in data center industry. As one of the key infrastructures supporting the operation of modern society, the power demand of data centers has been growing. The need for sustainable solutions in data centers has never been greater.


Envicool has always been deeply committed to saving energy. The advent of Envicool liquid cooling technology provides a new solution for energy saving in data centers. By utilizing the liquid cooling system, Envicool has successfully reduced energy consumption significantly, reducing data center operating costs. Thus Envicool is optimistic about the transformative role that liquid cooling can play in reshaping the data center industry.

From the current perspective, sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint is at the forefront of the data centers industry. Not in some soft vague manner, but increasingly in terms of very specific limits, targets and requirements. Envicool has accumulated years of thermal management experience and has been providing liquid cooling solutions since 2018. To date, Envicool has provided liquid cooling for over 500MW in the data center market. These experiences help Envicool effectively solve customer problems in real application scenarios.


Looking ahead, Envicool is confident in the development of the data center field. Since the advance in science and technology will lead to a new round of changes, Envicool will continue to exert the power of innovation to inject more vitality into the data center industry. Future data centers will be more intelligent, efficient and sustainable, providing stronger support for the development of human society, so liquid cooling technology will become a crucial part.