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Envicool undertook the construction of Guangzhou New Generation Data Transmission Hub Center.

11-29, 2023

Recently, the Guangzhou New Generation Data Transmission Hub Center, which was overall constructed by Envicool, successfully passed the national standard (GB50174) A-level computer room test by the third-party testing agency.

Envicool served as the mechanical and electrical general contractor for the overall design and construction work. Upon completion of the data center testing, over 1,200 reliable and efficient IT cabinets will be made available to the south China data center market. This will provide a platform for businesses and institutions in Guangzhou and the surrounding areas to access big data display, computing, storage and other related services.

This third-party test focuses on conducting tests on high & low voltage power supply and distribution, UPS, power distribution terminals, air conditioning cold sources, precision air conditioning units, fresh air exhaust systems, monitoring of power environment and battery, BA control and safety precautions, etc. The system has undergone reliability testing to ensure the availability of power supply, electrical, HVAC, intelligence, computer room decoration and related infrastructure.

During the project promotion period, Envicool formed several professional experts teams specializing in survey design, construction management, equipment inspection and supply assurance. The entire process and system, from initial design to final testing, was meticulously organized to ensure the successful progress of the project.

In terms of system design, Envicool implemented the 2N backup architecture for the power distribution system and the N+1 backup architecture for the HVAC system, taking full advantage of tools such as data modeling and simulation for design verification. Besides, the key node design team went to the construction site to provide in-depth communication with the project management team and proceed cooperatively.

During the construction, Envicool prioritized safety and professionalism. In addition to on-site management teams during major holidays and construction sprint phases, the headquarters formed a specialized safety construction team for on-site management and conducted several large-scale fire drills and personnel emergency drills to ensure zero accidents.

As a data center integration services provider with rich project experience, Envicool has provided turnkey integration for various types of data centers in the industries like government, national defense, supercomputing, IDC, energy and power, etc, delivering a batch of reliable and efficient data centers, which have been highly recognized by customers in various projects.

In the future, Envicool will adhere to the core values of "Professional·Value·Trust" and continue to create value for customers, striving to become a long-term trusted partner for customers in various industries.