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Envicool received a surprise from China Tower for The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou!

11-15, 2023

Recently, Envicool received a letter of thanks from China Tower, highly praising the contribution of Envicool service team in the communication support of The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou and The 4th Asian Para Games Hangzhou.

The communication support for The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou lasted a long time and was a heavy task. Although the period coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the perfect performance of tthe products, the excellent attitude, meticulous style and the spirit of unity of Envicool service team all left a deep impression on customers.

The slogan for The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou is "Heart to Heart, @Future". The data center room at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, known for its digitalization and intelligent capabilities, is crucial for implementing various "AI+5G" technologies and supporting massive data operations, serving as the backbone of the infrastructure for a perfect application of these technologies.

It is Envicool CyberMate V+ Series Inverter Type Precision CRAC that provides communication temperature control support at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center for this Asian Games.

Through self-developed energy-saving control logic, low-load dehumidification algorithm and AI intelligent control system, etc., Envicool CyberMate V+ Series Inverter Type Precision CRAC can achieve high reliability, high efficiency and precise temperature control.

Adopting a full frequency conversion design, it can achieve high efficient and energy saving cooling. Besides, the modular design reduces operation costs, and the equipped dehumidification function can stably dehumidify under 10% load with excellent performance.

At the same time, it conducts high-intensity compression tests on various components while performing excellently under high and low temperatures, rapid temperature changes and different air pressures. It can effectively apply in a wide range of extreme environments, ensuring the long-term safe and efficient operation of data center rooms.

With the goal of customer satisfaction, Envicool has built a complete service network covering the whole country and adopted regular inspections of delivered products to provide comprehensive security guarantees for data centers. Besides, Envicool has also established a customer satisfaction survey and evaluation system to conduct real-time online management of the third-level backup storage. It is committed to helping customers reduce operation and maintenance costs, providing them with efficient, fast and complete after-sales services.

Envicool insists on starting from customer needs and continues to carry out technological innovation. From high precision CRAC to indirect evaporative cooling, turbopowering heat pipe and one-stop liquid cooling, etc., Envicool is constantly developing new technologies and products to provide customized services for different application scenarios, setting excellent examples for the industry.

In the future, Envicool will continue to hone the core competitiveness of "deeply understanding customer needs and quickly launching high-quality products", promoting the rapid development of various digital and intelligent applications with the excellent work attitude!

Here below is the letter of thanks sent by China Tower.