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Envicool welcomes 8 new members to join the overseas team!

11-10, 2023

In July this year, our overseas team welcomed 8 new members, and these young apprentices joined Envicool family with dreams and ambitions.

“I am indebted to the guidance and support that the company has provided me in the past months. The opportunities to learn and grow have been instrumental in my development. It is grateful for the chance to work with such a professional and committed team.”

Jensen Cheng - Overseas Sales Engineer

“I am profoundly grateful for the enriching experience during my four months here. Your mentorship and support have been invaluable. Gratefully appreciative for this exceptional journey.”

Alex Mu - Overseas Sales Engineer

“Thrilled and filled with enthusiasm, I am genuinely overjoyed to embark on this new journey as Sales Engineer at Envicool, eager to contribute my skills and grow within a vibrant and innovative working environment! “

Jessie Pan - Overseas Sales Engineer

“In my work learning about the company products, I've deeply felt my improvement in job skills and teamwork. I appreciate the learning opportunities and space for growth provided by the company. I will continue to strive, learn more about product technology, embrace further challenges and opportunities.”

Yann Gao - Overseas Product Engineer

“Joining the overseas department as a sales engineer has been an exciting experience, characterized by a collaborative ethos and dynamic atmosphere fostering innovation. Rigorous training and mentorship opportunities have significantly honed my skills in sales strategy and market analysis, while the company's commitment to individual growth is evident in constructive feedback sessions.”

Ashton Lee - Overseas Sales Engineer

Some of them are tenacious and down-to-earth with new insights; Some are full of ideals and a sense of mission, constantly improving themselves in the process of finding solutions; Besides, some are willing to gain in-depth insights, and have the courage to forge ahead into the future. These great qualities are in line with Envicool's core competitiveness.

Since the establishment in 2005, Envicool has adhered to the values of professional, value and trust, we have continued to develop and made great progress. Through bit by bit accumulation and continuous efforts, we are committed to becoming a world-class enterprise in the field of professional precision environmental temperature control.

We dare to think and act, focus on work and cherish the development of every talent; we are transparent and equal, value the expression of every voice; We fully respect the personality and potential of each employee, believe in the power of youth and dare to appoint new members.

We are delighted to have our new members on board, their arrival has energized our team. To this end, we held some team-building activities in which everyone had a great time. In the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, our team also gained greater cohesion.

At Envicool, you can make full use of your talents and unleash your influence. Together, we will explore the infinite possibilities of Envicool development and create a memorable era.