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Envicool Cooltek air conditioners are applied to Zhengzhou Metro Line 10!

11-03, 2023

On September 28th, the first phase of Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 was officially opened. Cooltek, a subsidiary of Envicool, provided high efficient metro air conditioners and services for the line. Currently, there are 9 metro operating lines in Zhengzhou, and more than half of them are applied with Cooltek air conditioners.

The trains of Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 adopt Cooltek customized solutions and the advanced rail transit air-conditioning core technology. Each carriage is equipped with 2 self-contained air conditioner units and 1 control cabinet, making it energy-saving, efficient and reliable.

While each air conditioner unit starts cooling or heating, it can also adjust the fresh air load based on the passenger capacity, making the cabin temperature fluctuations smaller and more comfortable. Besides, through stepless frequency conversion technology, the air conditioning system can operate efficiently and save more energy.

The air conditioner cabinet controller is specially developed by Envicool for rail transit and it has passed the EMC, vibration and other harsh environmental tests. It can operate normally under correct working conditions based on temperature signals at each point and various commands, using a variety of sensors to detect the operating status of the system in real time.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system and prevent the impact on other equipment, Cooltek air conditioner has set multiple protection functions such as overload, overheating and short circuit, etc., keeping the system always operates in a safe state.

It is worth mentioning that the air conditioning system of Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 uses low-noise axial flow waterproof fans and double-volute frequency conversion centrifugal fans to provide efficient air supply and low-noise operation. The third-party testing reports show that the overall noise of Cooltek air conditioning system is 8dB lower than the national standard and 4dB lower than the customer's limit.

Cooltek is one of the earliest brands in China focusing on rail transit air conditioners and one of the largest rail transit air conditioner maintenance platforms in China. It has successfully served the megacity transport system in China, Australia, the United States and South Korea, etc.

In the future, Cooltek will adhere to the core values of "Professional·Value·Trust" and continue to create value for customers, striving to become a long-term trusted partner for customers in various industries.