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The Beijing Urban Rail Transit Big Data Center built by Envicool has passed third-party A-level testing!

09-16, 2023

Recently, Beijing Urban Rail Transit Big Data Center constructed by Envicool has successfully passed the test of a third-party testing agency's national A-level computer room.


The project was invested and constructed by Wuhan MCS, with Envicool as the overall design and construction contractor for mechanical and electrical engineering. The data center is expected to provide the market with over 1500 available secure and efficient IT cabinets, supporting big data display, computing, storage and other services for relevant enterprises and institutions in Beijing.


The third-party testing agency conducted a comprehensive test on 117 major items and over 1,000 sub items, the data center passed all the tests smoothly in the end!


During the project implementation period, Envicool established multiple professional teams including survey and design, construction management, equipment inspection, and supply delivery to ensure the progress of the project.


The professional team of Envicool strictly followed the national A-level computer room standard design, and all equipment and materials used strictly followed the "supplier self inspection" and "Envicool external inspection". In conjunction with the equipment quality control process of "third-party testing", multiple groups of external inspection personnel were stationed in multiple locations throughout the country for testing. Envicool has formed complete testing methods and records to ensure the reliability of the equipment.


It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the project, the COVID-19 has not yet ended. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, Envicool supply guarantee team and the safety epidemic prevention team, together with the on-site staff of the owner, have formulated a thorough plan. Relying on multiple production bases across the country, Envicool ensured stable supply and timely delivery. Moreover, multiple epidemic prevention and fire drills were organized on site to ensure construction safety.


As a data center integration service provider with rich project experience, Envicool has provided various types of data center general contracting integration services to customers in various industries such as government, defense, IDC, energy, and power in multiple regions of China, and has gained high recognition from various project customers.


In the future, Envicool will uphold the core values of "professional, value, and trust", continuously create value for customers with professional technology, and strive to become a long-term trusted partner for customers in various industries.