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Envicool won the award and releases new products for Energy storage liquid cooling!

08-29, 2023

On 30th, Aug. - 1st Sep., the second China International Energy Storage Conference and the tenth China International Light Storage Conference of EESA were held at the Suzhou International Expo Center. Envicool won the "2023 Best Energy Storage Temperature Control Technology Solution Award" and released a new industrial & commercial energy storage liquid cooling product.


In the afternoon of the 1st day of the exhibition, Envicool released its new product, BattCool EMW series drawer type liquid cooling unit, tailored for industrial and commercial energy storage in the new product release area of E3 Hall.


The newly released liquid cooling unit has 7 major features:

·Safety and reliability

·Flexible layout

·Space saving

·Convenient installation

·Low noise operation

·Energy saving

·Intelligent temperature control


It can be used for temperature control of household, industrial and commercial energy storage battery cabinets, such as household energy storage, small merchant energy storage, industrial parks and commercial building energy storage stations.


In order to adapt to various small-scale energy storage liquid cooling and heat dissipation application scenarios, the newly launched drawer type liquid cooling unit focuses on lightweight design. The size is smaller than that of a single battery PACK, making it easy to increase the capacity of the energy storage system. In addition, the operating noise of the unit is low, which can provide users with a comfortable and safe environment.


Meanwhile, Envicool comprehensively showcased BattCool energy storage temperature control solution related products onsite, including energy storage air cooling units, liquid cooling units, self sealing quick couplings, and SoluKing liquid coolant for energy storage, attracting lots of visitors and receiving high praise.


Envicool is deeply involved in the field of precision temperature control and energy conservation, with 13 years of practical experience in energy storage projects. As a well-known temperature control solutions provider, Envicool takes customer value as its product R&D endpoint, committed to solving problems for customers. In the future, Envicool is looking forward to work together with customers to draw a blueprint for the development of the energy storage industry!