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Increase productivity by 17%! Envicool built 5G+ intelligent digital workshop in Zhongshan!

07-28, 2023

Recently, Envicool 5G+ intelligent digital workshop was officially accepted and put into operation in Zhongshan, which is an important part of Envicool intelligent manufacturing upgrade and a typical epitome of the digital transformation of  manufacturing industry for Zhongshan.


Since this year, the Zhongshan government has called on enterprises to carry out digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading. Envicool first responded to this call and organized the construction of Zhongshan Envicool 5G+ intelligent digital workshop, which was put into trial operation in March this year.


The traditional workshop is limited by manual management, it is difficult to realize the detailed data recording and utilization of the production process. The intelligent digital workshop can automatically collect and process each process data to achieve intensive production.


Since the trial operation of the 5G+ intelligent digital workshop, the production efficiency has increased by 17%, and the energy consumption per unit of output value has been reduced by 5%., the person in charge of production said.


In addition, the intelligent digital workshop also guarantees the realization of product quality. The intelligent inspection production line built by Envicool has established a whole-process quality traceability system to fully guarantee product quality.


The production line contains a variety of high-precision detection equipment, and with the help of 5G+ digital intelligent technology, every product is 100% traceable. Intelligently control every production node of every product, and can trace every product delivered. Through the whole process traceability system of product quality, not only the product quality continues to improve, but also the accuracy of production and delivery has increased by 30%.


"Creating high-quality, high-efficiency, low-energy and automated smart factories, promoting the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, and putting into the operation of 5G+ smart workshops are of great significance for Envicool to enhance its core competitiveness, expand production scale and improve product structure." Envicool vice president Mr.Liu said.


In the future, Envicool will continue to help enterprises transform to digital intelligence, and strive to build a new benchmark factory!