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Envicool Annual Report 2022

04-17, 2023

With USD424 million in global sales, the global footprint of Envicool is growing rapidly.

Data Center: The annual revenue of the computer room temperature control business increased by 20.3% year-on-year, thanks to the rapid growth in demand for liquid cooling and the advantages of Envicool's "full chain" platform in liquid cooling.The operating income related to liquid cooling technology from the data center computer room and computing power equipment was about 5 times that of the previous year within the temperature control of the computer room during the reporting period.

Energy storage: The earliest domestic manufacturer involved in the temperature control of electrochemical energy storage systems, with years of leadership in the industry, continued to enrich and iterate its products and actively expand domestic and foreign customers. During the reporting period, the company’s operating income from energy storage applications was about RMB 850 million yuan, about 2.5 times of the previous year.

In the future, Envicool will continue to adhere to the core competitiveness of "deeply understanding customer's needs and quickly launching high-quality products", continuously improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and take advantage of professional experience to hand in hand with industry experts to build industry standards.

Big thanks to all our customers, partners and developers for their continuous trust and support.