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Envicool new product SoluKing liquid cooling working medium made its public debut at ESIE!

04-11, 2023

On the afternoon of April 8, Envicool SoluKing 2.0 made its public debut at the ESIE--Energy Storage International Summit.

Dedicated to energy storage

SoluKing 2.0 is a brand new product developed by Envicool based on the understanding of liquid cooling in the full chain of energy storage and aimed at the risk of "leakage" in the energy storage liquid cooling system.

SoluKing 2.0 can provide 9 layers of protection for energy storage liquid cooling system, including full chain material analysis, full chain metal compatibility, full chain non-metal compatibility, anti-bubble, anti-bacteria, anti-scale, non-destructive anti-corrosion, anti-rapid consumption , non-destructive heat transfer, etc., laying a solid foundation for the long-term safety of the energy storage system.

In addition, SoluKing 2.0 is designed with 5 times anti-corrosion technology, which eliminates potential risks for the energy storage liquid cooling system and ensures that it is "full chain without leakage".

Widely recognized

SoluKing 2.0 has successfully achieved large-scale commercial use.

On March 30, the live broadcast of Envicool SoluKing 2.0 attracted many inquiries from customers. At the ESIE, Envicool was invited to introduce SoluKing 2.0 again, and communicated with experts in the industry on the spot.

"After reading the release of Envicool liquid cooling medium dedicated to energy storage, I have a new understanding of the risks caused by vehicle antifreeze to energy storage systems. Envicool is the first in the industry to propose that energy storage systems should use energy storage dedicated liquid cooling medium, this suggestion is worth thinking about. It also left a very deep impression on me.” A visitor said.

Full chain innovation

Behind the approval of SoluKing 2.0 is Envicools deep insight into energy storage liquid cooling needs and comprehensive reservation of the full chain liquid cooling technology.

"Based on the concept of full-chain products and full-cycle services, we not only think about a single product in the product development process, but also carry out comprehensive positive development and technological innovation along the full product chain, and provide professional product solutions for customers' pain points in each link of the project. " Envicool said.

Envicool is committed to becoming the cornerstone of the long-term safety of energy storage liquid cooling systems. In the future, we will continue to carry out full-chain technological innovation, make every effort to ensure the safe operation of energy storage environments, provide customers with suitable products, and provide excellent demonstrations for the industry, hand in hand with the clients to promote the rapid development of the new energy industry!