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What’s new in Envicool? SoluKing 2.0 - liquid cooling working medium dedicated to energy storage was launched on 30th March!

04-04, 2023

In order to help customers solve the underlying safety risk of energy storage liquid cooling, on March 30, Envicool made a live broadcast with the theme of "dedicated to energy storage, 5 times corrosion resistance technology, 9 layers of protection, and full chain no liquid leakage", releasing SoluKing 2.0, a liquid cooling working medium dedicated to energy storage independently developed by Envicool.

At the press conference, experts from various energy industries shared their thoughts on the application of energy storage solutions. Envicool explained in detail the value brought to customers by SoluKing 2.0, sharing and discussing the role of liquid cooling working medium on the safety and efficiency of energy storage liquid cooling systems.

SoluKing 2.0 is a new generation product launched by Envicool after years of independent research and development based on our deep insight into the needs of energy storage liquid cooling projects and the resource reserves of the full chain liquid cooling technology, and the tracking verification is done in batch application.

Aiming at the liquid leakage risk in the energy storage liquid cooling system, Envicool full chain liquid cooling solution realizes engineering productization through service productization, product modularization, and factory prefabrication, and is committed to helping customers achieve zero risk.

At the same time, Envicool SoluKing 2.0 is designed to meet the high corrosion resistance requirements of liquid cooling energy storage systems. The design of 5 times corrosion resistance technology provides multiple protection methods, and the corrosion resistance can reach the  traditional vehicle antifreeze 5-10 times more. It can ensure that the liquid cooling working medium is highly matched with the energy storage liquid cooling system, allowing the system to run stably and efficiently.

In the delivery process, Envicool has launched a fully automatic liquid injection tool to realize vacuum liquid injection and intelligent start and stop, which is more than 1 times more efficient than the traditional liquid injection methods. It proves that the SoluKing 2.0 is more conducive to the safe operation of the energy storage system.

Wei Lichuan, dean of Envicool Innovation Technology Research Institute, said, "The liquid cooling medium for energy storage cannot follow the 'bringing doctrine'. The application environments of energy storage and automobiles are very different. Serious problems will occur if the vehicle antifreeze is used directly in the energy storage system. This is the conclusion of our actual test and verification. "

Envicool not only provides products dedicated to energy storage, but also provides full life cycle operation guarantees for energy storage liquid cooling working medium, such as full forward technical solution design, full chain delivery guarantees, full chain project implementation guarantees, and full life cycle operation monitoring, etc. .

Soluking liquid cooling working medium 2.0 dedicated to energy storage is just one of Envicool achievements in liquid cooling systems for energy storage, and more new products and technologies are being pushed forward. In the future, Envicool will provide more efficient products and technologies to help the sustainable and healthy development of the energy storage industry.