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Cooling solution for small-scaled modular data center

Envicool has three solutions for small-scaled modular data center cooling: XRack, XUnit, and XRow.

The first one is XRack solutions for the micro data center, for the server rack number between one or two. Actually, the XRack solution is beyond a cooling system but a rack solution with cooling. Or you could look at XRack as a no-room solution for data center owners, usually they are an enterprise or the branch office. It’s easy enough to find a space in the office area to install it and flexible enough to re-locate it. The owner benefits from the rental costs and the infrastructure investment. The deployment cycle is also reduced to only couple days. XRack is basing on Envicool’s high efficient row-cooling and rack-cooling technology and with the cooling capacity range from 4kW to 16kW, matching the different cooling demand for the traditional servers or blade servers. The embedded cooling unit only cools the closed server rack, as a result, the power consumption is much lower than the traditional room cooling solution.

The second solution is XUnit, usually for small data center having two to six server racks. The modularized structure design make the data center deployment cycle reduced in one week. No raised floor is needed for XUnit solution. The PUE is low due to the closed cool aisle and the precision temperature detection and cooling capacity output strategy for each rack. The total cooling capacity range could be 8kW to 20kW for selection. Usually the XUnit solution is suitable for the regular heat density data center application. Comparing to the traditional solution, the data center owners could benefit from the infrastructure investment and shorter the deploying cycle.

The third solution is based on Envicool’s XRow cooling solutions. With the advantage of high efficiency of XRow and the closed cool aisle modular structure, the return air temperature could be raised to as high as 37 degree and the cooling system is working at a high efficient point and only cooling the racks instead of the whole room. The PUE of data center will be much lower than the room cooling solution. Besides this, the heat density of the rack could achieve as high as 10kW or 15kW. One module could have the server racks from 10 to 20 and the owners could deploy the data center by modules basing on their IT demand schedule, especially when the demand is quite uncertain or dynamic for the future.