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iFreecooling adaptive multi-joint energy-saving solution

The iFreecooling solution is designed for the energy-saving purpose in the data centers located in north regions, usually with quite a long period of ambient temperature lower than 5 degree. The key of iFreecooling system is to lower the power consumption of compressors replacing by the refrigerant circuit system. In most of the winter season at North China, the iFreecooling system could provide the 100% of cooling capacity demand for the data center, while the air conditioners’ compressors could be stopped. 70% of the overall power consumption of air conditioners, including 96% for compressor and 25% for the condenser, could be reduced at the effective seasons.


The iFreecooling system could be a separated system cooperating with the existing compressor air conditioners. In another way, it could be embedded into Envicool’s CyberMate CRAC system as an optional function as well. The two-in-one models have the benefits of space-saving and with lower Capex by sharing the structure, the fans, and the controller.

The iFreecooling indirect free cooling system is welcomed by the data center owner lowering down the PUE while keep the cleanness and humidity as the same level as CRAC, especially in the regions with dusty air situation.