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Cooling solution for container data center

Container data center has the benefits of its fast implementation, scalability, high density, and removability. Especially for some specific application, the container data center fits their requirement well. Envicool is providing the various cooling solutions for the different container data center design, which including chilled-water cooling system, XRow row-based cooling system, DX+iFreecooling system, refrigerant circuiting cooling system as so on.

The row-based cooling system for container data center could be IN-row, UP-row, REAR types with different cooling capacity to be chose. The chilled-water cooling & refrigerant circuiting cooling system could have seven types air discharge mode to fit the container inner layout.

Whatever the cooling mode and the air discharge selection, cooling efficiency is always the key of container data center cooling system. The cooling unit placed close to the heat source is one of the key designs for increasing the efficiency. Another key factor is the overall control system of cooling with the team work mode in balance the air flow and cooling capacity output from the different units in the same container. At the same time, the various direct & indirect free cooling functions applied will help the over PUE decrease, especially in the cold regions.