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Envicool Air Conditioner Application in Africa


Envicool air conditioners are extensively applied in many countries in the world and adaptable to different climates and extreme weather conditions. Presently in Uganda where there is burning hot weather, Envicool air conditioners specifically designed for data centers are being applied and under stable operation in the Data and Security Center of the Parliament Building and win good appraisal from the client.

Fig.1:Monitoring Images from Security Commanding Center for the Parliament, Uganda (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

Fig.2:Ms. Kadaga, speaker of Uganda Parliament, was visiting in the Data & Security Center and gave positive appraisal (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

As the supplier of air conditioner for this comprehensive security system of Parliament Building, Envicool had been engaged in many overseas governmental projects and provided cooling solutions and products for data centers and control computer rooms in many fields.

XRow series high-efficiency air conditioners for data centers were used in this project. This product has advantages in high reliability and flexibility, long service life and low cost. Unique environmental protection system and dynamic cooling made it adaptable to the rapidly changing load of computer rooms.

Fig.3:Application of XRow series high-efficiency air conditioners in the Data & Security Center, Parliament of Uganda

XRow series high-efficiency air conditioners for data centers adopt electronic expansion valves that can smoothly control the throttling opening and can work together with EC fans and DC inverter compressor to achieve optimal temperature control effect and lowest energy consumption. The air conditioners are placed close to the rack and heat source. In addition, hot air flows out of the back side of the rack while cold air comes inside from the front side to realize higher cooling efficiency and more environmental friendly.

XRow series high-efficiency air conditioners for data centers are equipped with the EVO smart control system independently developed and designed by Envicool. Through its powerful interlock control and communication functions, this system can realize group operation of more than one unit, accurate control of temperature and humidity and reliable operation of the computer rooms. XRow series high-efficiency air conditioners for data centers are also provided with an expert-level failure diagnosis system so that all failures can be automatically detected once the diagnosis mode is activated. Further, the general alarming system can immediately give audible and visual alarm, backstage alarm and alarm messages once any technical failure occurs. With these two systems, the operators can have immediate knowledge of the failures and solve them quickly.