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Envicool was honored with the "Outstanding Project in Energy Storage Safety Track" award

01-12, 2024

On January 8, the 2024 China Energy Storage CEO Summit & the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition were successfully held in Guangzhou. Envicool, as a member of the energy storage security sector, participated in this grand event. The BattCool Energy Storage One-stop Liquid Cooling Solution and the Energy Storage Liquid Cooling Unit were awarded the "Outstanding Project in the Excellent Product Category of the Energy Storage Safety Track".

In response to the safety challenges of electrochemical ESS, the competition set up a dedicated "ESS Security Team", with many ESS thermal management companies actively participating in the competition presentations. Envicool not only stood out in the preliminary rounds, but also emerged as the sole on-site winner of cooling solution provider with the "ESS Liquid Cooling Temperature Control" product, highlighting Envicool's product advantages and robust technical capabilities in the field of ESS temperature control.

With deep roots in precision temperature control and energy efficiency, Envicool has 14 years of practical experience in ESS projects. With advanced technology, mature solutions and extensive applications, Envicool consistently maintains a leading position in the field of ESS temperature control.

In 2010, when the concept of ESS was still in its infancy, Envicool's temperature control products were already being used in this field. In 2011, in response to the demand for temperature and humidity control, Envicool introduced specialised products for electrical ESS, which are still widely used today. In the same year, Envicool's temperature control products for ESS reached overseas applications.

In 2016, with the emergence of lithium battery ESS applications in scenarios such as peak shaving and frequency regulation, Envicool responded by introducing full-frequency air-cooled units. In 2018, Envicool launched the industry's first ESS liquid cooling unit. In 2020, Envicool took the lead in introducing liquid cooling units suitable for ESS containers.

Today, with years of accumulated experience in ESS, Envicool has become a trusted partner for customers in the industry. Many of the participants at the China Energy Storage CEO Summit are also Envicool's customers, and they highly praise the company's products and solutions.

In the future, Envicool will continue to provide tailor-made products for customers and outstanding demonstrations for the industry. Together with our customers, we aim to drive the rapid development of the new energy revolution!