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Envicool shines at the Dual Carbon and Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum!

12-15, 2023

On November 26, 2023, during the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum, as well as the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality unveiled the "Shenzhen Green and Low-Carbon Technology, Equipment (Products) Promotion Catalog (2023 Edition)". In this catalog, Envicools three technologies were selected: Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution, Xfreecooling efficient inverter turbopowering heat pipe and XMint efficient evaporative cooling composite multi-system.

The three selected technologies are primarily employed in the data center, offering a high level of reliability and energy efficiency for temperature control in data centers and computer room equipment. Additionally, these technologies were previously featured in the "Guangdong Province Energy-saving Technology Equipment Product Recommended Catalog."

Envicool takes the lead in launching the Coolinside one-stop liquid cooling solution in the industry, addressing the low-carbon and energy-saving temperature control requirements while ensuring the secure and reliable operation of data center equipment. The selected technology one-stop cold plate liquid cooling solution, utilizes the "end-to-end, one-stop" approach, aiming to support customers through independent R&D, production, delivery and service, achieving a "zero-risk" scenario through four-dimensional integration. Currently, Envicool has successfully delivered a total of 500 MW in liquid cooling projects.

Envicool XFreeCooling efficient inverter turbopowering heat pipe technology offers 3 operating modes, ensuring efficient cooling throughout all seasons. Specifically, the high-efficiency mode of the turbopowering heat pipe maximizes the utilization of natural cold sources during transitional seasons, resulting in the AEER ranging from 8 to 10. This leads to a 26% higher energy-saving effect compared to air conditioners solely utilizing fluorine pump technology. Additionally, this versatile technology can be combined with various products to meet the cooling requirements of diverse scenarios.

Envicool XMint efficient evaporative cooling composite multi-system is an energy-efficient solution designed for small, medium and large data centers. With this system, natural cooling is accessible for over 70% of the year, ensuring continuous cooling for data center operations. The PUE remains below 1.2 in the northern region and below 1.25 in the southern region throughout the year.

Consistently reinforcing the core strength in "profoundly understanding customers needs and quickly launching high-quality products”, Envicool has consistently upheld the technological leadership in precision energy-saving temperature control field. Moving forward, Envicool will persistently leverage the innovative prowess in temperature control and energy efficiency, driving the advancement of environmentally sustainable practices in the data center industry.