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Monitoring solution for outdoor cabinet

Outdoor cabinets are mostly scattered and remote. In order to reduce operation costs and field observation labor, and for the convenience of understanding cabinet power and environmental parameters from the supervisory center from time to time, more and more cabinets are equipped with monitoring systems for outdoor cabinets to collect and upload access control, temperature and humidity, air conditioner and heat exchanger parameters, as well as power parameters, etc.

How to select an appropriate monitoring system?

An appropriate monitoring system shall have integral inspection functions to meet actual work needs, and complete communication functions to facilitate stable and smooth communication with supervisory background.

The most important premise to guarantee the operation of communication equipment is the internal temperature and humidity of the cabinet. Too high or low temperature or humidity may impose certain influence on the performance and lifespan of the equipment, so that a monitoring system is necessary to offer current internal temperature and humidity of the cabinet as well as alarm information, etc.

How to guarantee the security of outdoor cabinet equipment?

In order to ensure the security of your cabinet, in addition to checking whether there is water, smoke, etc, you also need a perfect access control system to check the cabinet door status. Once it is open, it will buzz and display in the supervisory background.

How to check the internal situation of your cabinet after power failure of the mains?

Since cabinet equipment uses 220V mains, power failure is inevitable from time to time. Power mode of the monitoring system shall be DC 48V, so that it can still work in case of power failure of the mains, and it will alarm the failure information to the supervisory center.

How to check the operation status of temperature control devices (air conditioners, heat exchangers, etc) within the cabinet?

In order to ensure normal operation of equipment inside the outdoor cabinet, it is usually equipped with special air conditioners and heat exchangers to create proper temperature for communication equipment within. In order to inspect the work status and fault status of the air conditioners and heat exchangers, it is necessary for the monitoring system to connect to the air conditioners and heat exchangers.

According to application needs for monitoring systems for output cabinets, as a professional provider of communication/IT temperature control solutions, Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd. has specially developed its environment monitoring and temperature control product – EM series outdoor cabinet monitoring unit for communication cabinets.

The EM series outdoor cabinet monitoring unit adopts 1U 19-inch rack mounting mode, with 150mm depth and compact structure, as well as complete front cable exit to facilitate mounting and maintenance.

The EM series outdoor cabinet monitoring unit integrates functions of cabinet environment monitoring and ambient temperature control. It can collect and report various environment data in real time. With 20-channel digital signal input of optoelectronic isolation, it can connect fire, access control, water, grounding, MDF alarm, mains failure, secondary disconnection, etc alarm signals, among which, the fire alarm has the reset function to prevent wrong alarming. It offers 4-channel temperature detection, to check temperatures of the main equipment cabin, battery cabin, back-up equipment and outdoor environment. It is also equipped with a humidity sensor with measurement precision of 3%.

Supervisory equipment, including the monitoring unit and the main equipment, offers standard isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 communication interfaces, for direct connection to wired or wireless modems, and supports optical fiber, E1, Ethernet interfaces and TCP/IP, HTTP, etc protocols via optional conversion interfaces. You can monitor, maintain and manage the cabinet monitoring unit on any computer within the network. Via isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 communication interfaces for subordinate equipment, it can also connect to air conditioners, heat exchangers, power supply, watt meters, etc.

The EM series cabinet monitoring unit offers an optional human-machine interface with full-Chinese display, to facilitate parameter checking and setting on site. It is also equipped with operation status and alarm indicators and a buzzer.

The EM series cabinet monitoring unit offers the heat-rejecting fan and heating control functions.

The EM series cabinet monitoring unit has a real-time clock and mass storage to save history records and temperature/humidity data for over 1 year, for the convenience of analyzing heat value within the cabinet.

The EM series cabinet monitoring unit offers an extendable card-reader interface, which support mainstream card-readers to realize smart access control functions with the help of electronic locks. The LED indicator within the cabinet will turn on when the door is open and turn off when the door is close, according to the access control setting.

It also offers 5V, 12V and 24V output with short-circuit protection for external sensors and electronic locks, so that you need no additional power supply.

Since the release of the EM series outdoor cabinet monitoring unit, it has undergone practical operation trial for years, offering high reliability and complete functionality, to meet application needs of different customers. It is highly evaluated by the customers.