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Heat exchange cooling solution for outdoor cabinet

The most common cooling solution for outdoor cabinet is fan and filter cooling. But the cleanness inside the cabinet could not keep in a good level. The filter also needs to be cleaned in regular frequency. In many cases, the cabinet could use the heat exchanger to cool the equipments, especially for the rectifier, DSLAM, and BTS. The heat exchanging solution is also commonly used in the seaside location for anti-salt fog.

The heat exchanging is a kind of passive cooling technology. Through the heat exchanging between the outer air flow and inner air flow, the temperature could be maintained at 10 to 15 degree higher than ambient. The inner fan(s) and outer fan(s) are the major components consuming the power, so that the power consumption is not high as compressor air conditioner. But the good low consumption result is basing the high temperature as the precondition.


Envicool’s EX series heat exchanger have the same installation frame design as the EC series air conditioner. This will make our customer much easier in switching the cooling solution without change any design of the cabinet. The controller is powerful to provide stepless fan speed regulation regarding to the inner heat load and noise limitation. The allowed input voltage has the wide range as -36V ~ -57V.

Besides DC powered heat exchanger, Envicool are providing the AC powered heat exchanger with AC fan speed control. Furthermore, Envicool’s strong design and production capability are supporting the fast response to the customization.