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Air conditioner cooling solution for outdoor cabinet

Outdoor cabinet already became the main trend site solution in telecom industry, electric power industry, and traffic control system etc. The outdoor cabinet system requires not only IP55 protection, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion, but also a better thermal control and cleanness level.

We suggest the air conditioner cooling solution for the applications with high ambient temperature, high heat load inside, or with temperature sensitive equipment inside. The air condition will keep the cabinet inside’s cleanness by its full separated structure comparing to the fan system. Through the active cooling technology, the inner temperature could be maintained at the target level, especially lower than the ambient temperature. 

Quality and reliability is Envicool’s most important consideration due to the challenge of maintenance in broad cabinet’s installed location. The outdoor air conditioner requires 7x24 running under a various working condition. Comparing to the indoor applied air conditioner for machinery, Envicool design the products for outdoor application considering a lot about component selection, IP protection design, alarm & self-protection functions, system design margin.

Envicool’s air conditioner has the perfect self-test and protection functions to protect customer investment. The running status and alarm could be monitored in the center through the RS485/232 interface for maintenance decision making. User could easily use the embedded menu-based LCD interface on site for parameter setting and status/alarm checking. A dry-contact output is also provided for the general alarm report purpose simply. All of these are making the air conditioner smarter and more user-friendly by our powerful embedded controller.

Envicool’s outdoor air conditioners are always pursuing the higher energy efficiency design to lower the users’ operation costs and meet the requirement of green sites. Envicool’s DC-powered air conditioners are widely applied in the “Gen-set plus Battery off-grid site” and “Solar powered site”. For these applications, Envicool’s high efficient air conditioner reduced the power supply system’s capacity requirement (e.g. solar panel’s size, inverter’s capacity, gen-set and battery bank), the fuel costs as well. By configured Envicool’s own designed controller and driver in the DC-powered air conditioner, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) has been increased close to 4.0 with a variable output according to the inner heat load. Additionally, DC air conditioner could make it possible to be powered by the battery bank and have the cooling capacity without AC grid power input.

Envicool’s controller of air conditioner is powerful to provide the external fan control functions. According to the different system requirement, it could realize the battery hydrogen exhausting function, emergency fan function, and the free-cooling function for energy-saving purpose. Envicool’s air conditioner could lower down the overall costs for the customer by being the general thermal control system without any additional controller.

Envicool has the full range of air conditioner from 400W to 5kW to meet the most demand of outdoor cabinet systems. Customers could select the mounting method of door or side, the position of the frame according to the different cabinet design styles. Even there are different options of dimensions for some of the same cooling capacity. Envicool also have great capability to response rapidly to our customers’ customized requirement.

The best outdoor cabinet solution needs the best match and balance between enclosure and cooling system to get the good performance and best costs. Envicool has the big enthalpy test lab facility and we are providing the overall outdoor cabinet’s performance tests and the design consulting to our partners.