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Cooling solution for large-scaled modular data center

Modular data center has been the trend of new generation data center to achieve the low PUE, high heat density adaption, and hot spot issue. Envicool’s modular data center cooling solutions is basing on row-based cooling technology and the integrated control system to provide a high efficient cooling solution. Meanwhile, Envicool is creating value for the customers by our solutions’ stability, efficiency, maintainability, scalability, and the flexibility for the customization.

The modularized XRow cooling units have 300mm and 600mm width models, while fit the design with the server racks and containment by its flexible frame structure and the connection design. The XRow units have the options of air-cooled, chilled-water, or refrigerant circuiting cooling systems and various cooling capacity range. The installation mode could have different choices including IN row, UP row, REAR the rack. Furthermore, totally seven air discharge modes are available to match the different layout design and the restriction of space and dimension.

The cooling units inside the modular are grouped and working at the team work mode. They share the temperature/humidity sensor results together and decide the output of cooling capacity and air flow for each unit, avoiding the competition between each other. The temperature sensors could be extendedly positioned closing to the heat load in order to decide the cooling output basing on the real heat load status. Additionally, the CDU (chilled water distribution unit) will be helpful to keep the water flow more even for the CW cooling system. All of these results the high energy efficiency of Envicool’s cooling solutions for the large-scale modular data center.