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Direct free cooling solution for data center

Direct free cooling (or called Economizer) is the most efficient energy-saving cooling solution and widely applied in data centers. The economizer could reduce the energy consumption in a significant result at most of the cold zone and temperate zone. In some cases, people even set up a fan wall to cool the data center replacing the CRAC system.

The advantage of free cooling is its least lost in the usage of the natural cool source. But the users are also facing the disadvantage of the air quality from the dust and other corrosion gas. So the challenge here is the control of air cleanness, humidity, anti-condensation, and anti-corrosion gas.

Envicool’s free cooling solution configures the multi-class filter system to ensure the outside air flow under an acceptable cleanness before leaded in the data center. The controllers detect the air flow pressure lost and determine the filter’s maintenance action. The data center’s air flow design, including air flow route and pressure level, needs to be appropriate to ensure the temperature control result and the energy-saving ratio. To adapt the different structure of data center air flow, Envicool provides the different models of free cooling unit, for example up flow, down flow, duck flow in the air supply mode and back or top inlet mode.

In the upgrading projects, the co-operation with the existing CRAC is also a critical focus for Envicool deploying the free cooling solution to avoiding the systems running in a competition status. Envicool’s controller will take over the master controlling function in the data center’s overall cooling system and group up the CRAC or free cooling unit. More detail control is undertaken about the air flow to make sure the mixed air under an appropriate humidity to avoiding the condensation or too dry. Usually additional humidifier is configured together with the free cooling unit to maintain the humidity due to the CRAC’s humidifier is shut down when free cooling mode running. The inlet and outlet shutter will be closed for fire protection by the controller connecting to the data center’s fire detection system.


Besides the separated economizer, Envicool are also providing the free cooling function embedded in CyberMate CRAC units as an option. The two-in-one models will save a lot in the space and the investment in the equipments by sharing the controller and the inlet fans between the CRAC system and the free cooling system.