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Cooling solution for conventional heat density data center

The continual growing Opex has become the bottleneck of the TCO control in data center. Improving the energy efficiency and enhancing the management level are the key actions to reduce the TCO of the data center. Low power consumption and easy manageability are appreciated in the construction of data center. The power consumption for cooling system is a significant part, while accounting as 30~40% of the overall power consumption in a data center. Therefore, energy efficiency of CRAC unit will be great attention.

Envicool’s cooling solution for conventional heat density data center is basing on our CyberMate CRAC unit and its various free-cooling options. By CyberMate’s high efficiency performance and the optional natural cool source technologies, the cooling solutions could lower the data center’s annualized PUE.

Depending on the planning of data center, CyberMate could have the selection of various cooling system types including Air cooled, Water cooled, Glycol cooled, and Dual cool. CyberMate’s EER could achieve higher than 3.0 by applying EC fan, EEV, and Copeland scroll compressor as the standard configuration. The air flow could be up flow and down flow, while the EC fans could be placed under the raised floor for lower resistance reducing the power consumption by 20% additionally.

EVO controller is configured in the CRAC and could be networked as team work mode. The energy efficiency will be increased through the demand management, trend management, and rotation/standby of the grouped units. EVO controller could connect multiple temperature/humidity sensors for detection of the inlet/outlet air of the server racks and determine the working mode according to the rack cooling demand.


Direct free-cooling is an optional function for most of the models of CyberMate by sharing the evaporator fan and the controller. The iFreecooling refrigerant circuit system could be embedded in CyberMate’s condenser and indoor unit. Both of CyberMate’s direct and indirect free-cooling solutions are high integrated in dimensions and controlling functions. This will ensure the high energy-saving performance and friendly layout for the data center.