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Cooling solution for high heat density data center

Envicool’s high heat density cooling solutions are targeting on the data center with high heat load density (the heat load per rack from 5kW to 15kW) and low PUE requirement. As same as providing the natural cooling solution and the cooling solution closing to the heat source, Envicool is providing the various customized cooling solutions for the data centers.

Applying Envicool’s XRow units, combining with the cool aisle containment design is compliant to the application of data center with high heat density, modularized data center, and container data center. The XRow units have the options of air-cooled, chilled-water, or refrigerant circuiting cooling systems, additionally the iFreecooling indirect free cooling function could be an option to lower the cooling power consumption by 30%.


Not only cool method, but also the installation mode could have different choices including IN row, UP row, REAR the rack, to match the different layout design and the restriction of space and dimension. The width dimension of IN row models could be half-rack (300mm) or one rack (600mm).

The row-cooling system configures the units with variable cooling capacity output. The cooling unit’s EER reach as high as 3.5 by applying the EC fans, EC compressor and increasing the return temperature to 37degree level. The sensible ratio is close to 100% to realize the power consumption of dehumidification as almost zero. The embedded EVO controllers group the units using the team work mode to avoid the units running without competition and the dynamic heat load inside. All of these are making the low PUE result happened.

User might configure the refrigerant circuiting cooling systems in their row cooling solution. The water would not be lead into the server room, while they could still leverage from the efficiency advantage of chiller. This configuration will help a lot in lowering down the PUE.