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DC powered split air conditioner system for BTS

In some regions, more and more off-grid BTS are rolled out and a lot of other BTS are locating in the place with very poor power grid. Most of these sites are using the hybrid power systems, including genset+battery, solar+battery, or even wind+battery. There are some common requirements for them, which is the high efficiency and DC powered cooling solution for their equipment and battery bank. The traditional cooling solution is the inverter transfer the 48V dc power into 220V ac and power the AC-powered comfort air conditioner. But this system could not match the requirement of high efficiency at all. To keep the targeted on-time for the sites, the site owners have to configure the larger genset/solar panel and the battery banks. This makes the CAPEX in a higher level.

Envicool launched a type of DC-powered split air conditioner system for this site application. The efficiency is high as the EER of 4.15, comparing to the traditional level of 3.0. This high efficient cooling solution could benefit the owner both in CAPEX and OPEX. Envicool’s DC40 system is a split wall-mounted DC compressor cooling system without inverter. The output of cooling capacity is variable basing on the heat load in the site. Soft start function makes the start current in a low level as well. The DC cooling system could supply the incessant cooling capacity output under the off-grid or poor-grid sites.