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Indoor battery cooler energy-saving solution for BTS

The current room temperature for base station (BTS) is around 25 degree, while the working high temperature limitation range for the equipments inside has already been increased to 35 degree or higher. Only the battery bank still needs an environment temperature at around 25 degree. For energy-saving consideration, operators would like to increase the temperature setting from 25 degree to 35 degree in order to lower down the power consumption of cooling. In this case, the battery bank needs to be placed inside a battery enclosure with the embedded cooling unit to keep the battery working under the same temperature as before.

Envicool presents two solutions basing on the battery cooler approach:

Solution 1: Assembly on-site battery cooler approach

This solution is popular for the BTS upgrading, while no necessary to re-install the battery bank. The battery cooler is a cubicle with four-side or five-side surfaces. Basing on the size of battery bank, an enclosure cooling unit with 300W or 600W cooling capacity is embedded in the cooler.

Solution 2: Precast battery cooler approach

This solution is a best solution for the new built BTS, while the battery bank could be initially installed inside the precast enclosure embedded with the cooling unit. The battery cooler is a cubicle with six-side surface, which has the good heat isolation performance.

The battery cooler makes sure the battery enclosure has the good enough heat isolation because the temperature inside is lower than the BTS room. At the same time, the controller of the cooling unit needs to take over the control function of the existing air conditioners in the BTS room. One of the reason is a lot of BTS are applying the comfort air conditioners, while the highest temperature setting is lower than 30 degree but our target is 35 degree for example. Envicool provides various co-operation functions with the air conditioner, including the input power control mode, imitative key press mode, and the infrared mode.

For safety reason, the battery cooler need configure a hydrogen exhaust fan, which is controlled by the controller of cooling unit as well. The cycle and time of exhaust fan can be set through the menu.

In most of the regions, especially the hot area, the battery cooler solution could have a significant energy-saving results and short payback time for the investments. In some cold regions, with a battery cooler and free cooling system installed, users even could skip the air conditioners for the BTS and save a lot both in the OPEX and CAPEX.