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Telecom site cooling products

ES series heat exchanging unit

Model: ES03、ES06、ES08

Heat exchange capacity (kW): 3 ~ 7

Airflow (m3/h):2000 ~ 5500

Installation: Wall mounting / Floor mounting

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ES series intelligent heat exchanger of small and medium power is designed for base stations and small communication machine rooms according to their actual thermal load and operating conditions of temperature control equipment. It not only guarantees the operating environment of equipment at the base station, but also maximizes the energy-saving effects.The product operates in different power and can be installed in different modes. It is also equipped with various engineering accessories to satisfy the requirements of different architecture, such as reinforced concrete houses, self-built tile houses, and civilian houses.

The heat exchange core brings the outdoor natural cold resources into the room and isolates the indoor air duct from the outdoor air duct completely. This prevents the outdoor dust, hazardous gases, and humid gases from entering the machine room, and thus ensures high cleanliness of the machine room under the energy-saving mode.

The working principle of ES series intelligent heat exchanger is as follows: The intelligent heat exchanger is installed in the base station. The intelligent heat exchanger and the existing air conditioner have interlocked, so that they can operate uniformly and consistently.The built-in controller detects the indoor and outdoor environment conditions in real time and determines which unit (heat exchanger or air conditioner) is applied to work according to the control logic set. In this way, the operating time of the air conditioner is shortened and the outdoor cold resources can be utilized fully to save power consumption.


·Efficient heat exchange core, effective air conditioner interlock, and intelligent operation logic featuring remarkable energy-saving effects.

·Multiple interlock modes enabling the product to interlock different models of air conditioners;

·Especially suitable for base stations located in areas with harsh surroundings, not only saving energy but also ensuring high cleanliness of the machine room.

·Preventing the strainer from blocking caused by the dust. Small routine maintenance workload and long-term maintenance cycle;

·High reliability and low failure rate verified by years of proven track records;

·LCD operation interface with Chinese display.

·Powerful communication network management function facilitating the access of the monitoring system