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Humidifier YWT Series

Model: Humidifier YWT Series

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Telecom room or cabinet


· Use the wet film evaporative humidification system, humidifying capacity,

  low power and producing cooling capacity.

· Use of corrugated plate-like overlap.

· Wet film polymer composites

· Efficient isentropic clean humidifier

· Wet film have extremely absorbent

· Have a ability of good self-cleaning

· Noise-free humidification, high structural strength of wet film, long life.

· The material of wet film are non-toxic, acid, resistant to mold and retardant.


· All-metal structure design: Accord with standard of the telecom room design.

· Three channel for return air and wet film design: large air intake area,

   large wet film evaporation area.

· Use of environmentally-friendly and efficient wet film: evaporation humidification up to 90%

· Stainless steel sink weld treated with preservatives.

· Industrial grade well-known brand of high reliability devices.