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Outdoor cabinet cooling products

EX series heat exchanger


Cooling capacity (W/K): 70 ~ 120

Indoor airflow(m3/h):80~1200

Installation:Side mounting、Door mounting、Top mounting

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EX series heat exchanger for outdoor cabinets is designed for outdoor cabinets and control cabinets. It is applicable for the scenarios where internal equipment of the cabinet emits a large quantity of heat and the normal operating temperature of internal equipment is higher than the environment temperature and where the indoor environment needs to be isolated from the outdoor environment completely.

EX series heat exchanger for outdoor cabinets adapts to the harsh environment. The complete isolation between the indoor environment and the outdoor environment can prevent the dust, hazardous gases, and humid gases from entering the cabinet, thus ensuring the internal cleanliness of the cabinet.

There are two types of EX series heat exchanger: mute and low noise, which are suitable for residential areas.

EX series heat exchanger for outdoor cabinets is applicable for outdoor communication cabinets of the marginal network, access network, and 3G network, outdoor power cabinets, outdoor control cabinets, telecom wireless BSs, Distributed BSs, and mini computer rooms.


·Reliable: 48V DC power supply, works well even when AC power fails

·Low noise: The noise level of unit can be reduced according to the heat load, silently operating in most time

·Corrosion protection:Powder coated sheetmetal endures harsh environment

·Easy maintenance:IP55 designed for flushing

·In line with the RoHS requirements

·Dedicated design: Delay Start setting in case of big current, especially when multiple units start at one site

·Monitoring: Provide comprehensive alarm and status report through RS485 interface for remote control