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iFreecooling™series indirect free cooling system

The cooling capacity is based on: the outdoor ambient temperature of 0℃ and the indoor return air of 24℃ / 40%RH.

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  • Energy conservation reconstruction can be realized for any air - cooling,
  • water - cooling or chilled water computer room air-conditioner of any brand
  • Data computer room with natural cold sources and other environments for the application of CRAC
  • Integrated with CyberMate


  • High reliability, high energy saving rate, high adaptability, full lifespan and low cost
  • Saving space in computer room
  • Powerful EVO control system, controlling multiple units and realizing easy networking
  • High - efficiency and frequency conversion control owl - type outdoor fan
  • Higher installation flexibility
  • Can be used for energy conservation reconstruction, realizing energy conservation reconstruction for computer room air - conditioner of any brand in the market
  • Can be used as solution for applications with high thermal density, such as the container-type datacenter
  • Multiple air supply modes, meeting demands for different airflow organizations
  • Air - cooled condenser, providing configurations for different temperature environments (including low - temperature start-up)
  • Air cooling mode, providing ultra - long installation distance and ultra - high head solutions
  • Large - area parallel flow evaporator structure, ensuring high heat exchange efficiency, reducing wind resistance in the unit and realizing operation with large airflow and high SHR