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FU series direct free cooling system

Working conditions of return air in unit: 24℃ / 30% RH


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  • Mobile communication exchange computer room
  • Fix network switching center computer room
  • IDC datacenter computer room


High energy conservation effect

  • Long effective operating hours of the energy conservation system, lower loss of natural cold
  • sources and high energy conservation rate.

Intelligent mixed air control

  • With the intelligent mixed air system, the indoor air supply temperature can be controlled
  • precisely to ensure there is no condensation.

Automatic adjustment of frequency conversion airflow

  • Realize frequency conversion control on the airflow according to real - time temperature
  • conditions in and out of the computer room, keeping the system in the optimum energy
  • conservation situation.

Evaporation humidification technology

  • With the wet curtain evaporation humidification system which has large humidification capacity
  • and low power consumption and generate considerable cooling amount.

Humidification system automatic flushing

  • Can preset regular automatic flushing, improve cleanness of air supply, reduce workload of
  • maintenance and enhance the working efficiency of the humidification system.

Complete multi-level filtration system

  • Install metal mesh and rain shutter at the fresh air inlet, preventing large objects from entering.
  • Install preliminary filter screens, which can be cleaned regularly and reused, on the fresh air pipelines, performing pre-treatment of the fresh air.
  • Install preliminary and secondary filter screens on the air supply unit, performing further filtration of fresh air
  • Equipped with dust particle detector to monitor the particle density of indoor and outdoor air; when the preset indicators are exceeded, stop the fresh air system automatically.

Fire protection interaction function

  • According to requirements on thermal insulation and fire protection in computer room, install enclosed air valves and fire-resisting valves at all openings on the inner wall of the computer room, ensuring the enclosure of computer room in case of shutdown or fire accident. The action of such valves is controlled by the fire protection interaction.