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Data center cooling products

CyberMate™series CRAC

Wide Range of Cooling Capacity: 5kW~150kW

Cooling System Type: Chilled water+Air cooled, Chilled water+Water cooled (Glycol), Air cooled+iFreecoolingTM , Aircooled+Direct free cooling
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Computer room and data center

Switch room and mobile center station in telecommunication

High-tech environment and lab

Industrial automation control room and precision manufacturing workshop

Standard test room and calibration center

UPS and battery room

Test room in hospital

Biochemical culture chamber


High Reliability

• High quality components with

strict certification

• Running test in factory before

delivery for each unit

High Energy Efficiency

• EVO controller ensure optimum cooling efficiency

• Efficient EC fan, continuous airflow adjustment,

optional EC fan under floor design

• Efficient and quiet flexible scroll compressor

• High efficiency with precision Electronic Expansion

Valve precision cooling control

• Efficient electrode humidifier to realize precise

humidity control

• Efficient dehumidification design to ensure absolute

humidity control

• High efficiency and variable frequency control for

condenser fan

• Integrated iFreecoolingTM indirect free cooling


• Utilization of natural cold source by integrating the

direct free cooling option

High Adaptability

• Various air discharge choices including Downflow and

Upflow and so on

• Multiple monitoring interface

• Suitable for various ambient temperature conditions

(Optional low temperature startup kits)

• Customized design available

Wide Range of Cooling Capacity

• DX(5kW~100kW), CW(35kW~150kW)

• Single circuit indoor unit, dual circuit indoor unit

• Single circuit condenser, dual circuit condenser

Various Cooling System Type

• Air cooled/Water cooled/Glycol cooled

• Dual Cool including: Chilled water+Air cooled, Chilled

water+Water cooled (Glycol)

• Dual Cool: Air cooled+iFreecoolingTM

• Dual Cool : Aircooled+Direct free cooling