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Balance and Efficiency in Modular Data Center? Envicool Provides Appropriate Solutions for You


On September 3, the 2014 annual seminar of modula data center establishment & new technology organized by China Data Center Committee was convened in Shanghai. Chen Chuan, the technical director of Envicool Company and one of the chief editor of Data Center Air Conditioning System Technology White Paper ,presented a wonderful speech from the perspective of Envicool modular data center cooling solutions efficiency and balance.

Figure 1: Chen Chuan was making a wonderful speech

Data center construction has entered into the centralized and large scale  era. The traditional way of constructing faces many difficulties and challenges, including the high Capex, and high Opex, taking how to meet the user's changing needs into consideration when planning, constantly extended period of establishment, site quality management and risk control etc. All these issues have harassing the owners, builders and managers of data centers. Data center modularization and modular data center came into being under such background.

Modular Data Center, (MDC) is a data center by taking micro-module as an independent unit for factory prefabrication and rapid deployment. It could be composed by a number of different micro modules with different functions and powers to satisfy business requirement. Market survey of IDC shows that: modular data center could become a mainstream in the next five years.

Envicool provides multiple efficient cooling solutions for large, medium, small and micro centers.

Envicool adopts cold aisle or hot aisle sealed modular solutions for data centers, which can reduce the mixing of supply air and return air, increasing the return air temperature of air conditioning, finally improving cooling solution efficiency and reducing PUE value of data centers. Envicool CyberMate series cooling solutions include the direct expansion unit who has energy efficiency higher than 3.0, and direct or indirect integrated with natural cold resource cooling solutions. Envicool XRowTM air conditioner is an adaptive row-based cooling system placed close to the heat source, resulting in higher return air temperature, evaporating pressure and cooling efficiency. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculation is adopted in the system design, ensuring the optimum airflow distribution in the unit and racks.

Figure 2: Tencent’s Pingshan Data Center

Director Chen suggested that, From the aspect of cooling efficiency of data center, large modular data centers could give priority to using Chilled water cooled solutions. While small and medium modular data centers could give preference to using air conditioners with direct or indirect natural cooling solutions with high AEER performance. High efficient cooling solutions of Envicool XRowTM have been applied successfully several data centers, such as Tencent data centers in Shekou Pingshan, Tianjin, the cloud computing center of China Unionpay, the modular data center of the Supreme People’s Court, the data center of Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute, the data centers of China Mobile and China Unicom etc., helping customer to solve high heat density cooling problems, and achieving low PUE value in data centers.

Achieve efficient and balanced cooling for data centers

Attention should be paid to not only efficiency, but also balances

The balanced design should mainly consider the data center operating reliability, availability, total cost and efficiency. Director Chen has analyzed the balanced design of financial-based and Internet-based data centers.

Financial data center attaches most importance to reliability and availability in design. In early planning, special attention should be paid to these two aspects. Envicool existing CRU+ XRowTM air air conditioner for financial modular data centers has fully taken this into consideration. This solution prevents water from entering into the data center, configuring with advanced group control system and customized monitor in special format; through 365x24-hour continuous operation, High reliability operation in data center could be guaranteed.

Relatively speaking, the Internet-based data center needs to consider more about efficiency. Envicool has provided a variety of efficient cooling solutions, each of which has been verified by expert team through discussion, CFD simulation analysis, unit operation commissioning to ensure that each solution is of high reliability and efficiency. Through dynamic cooling,XRowTM air conditioner provided by Envicool could adapt to rapid change of heat load in data center. This system use efficient EC fan as standard configuration featuring N + 1 redundancy design and the air flow can also be automatically adjusted according to heat load change in data center.

Director Chen also pointed out that in the future, large-scale data centers cooling solution should not only consider low PUE value but also consider WUE value (total water consumption of the data center / total power consumption of IT equipment). Consideration should be also given to the reliability of water supply network. It is reported that water consumption in data center is astonishing. An American IDC of 15000kW has a daily water consumption of 360,000 gallons, up to 500,000 tons / year, which is equivalent to water consumption of 6000 urban residents and 1/4 of the water volume of Kunming Lake. Therefore, the planning and design of data centers should also give consideration to the balance between PUE value and WUE value.

Figure 3: Envicool XRowTM air conditioner attracts attentions during exhibition.

At the same time of the seminar, the data center equipment and comprehensive wiring exhibition was also held in Shanghai. Envicool participated in the exhibition with its XRowTM air conditioner attracting great attentions .